Fantastic coconut yogurt

Just fantastic, surely the best and healthiest. No additives like thickeners or probiotics in capsules. Just coconut.

16 de fevereiro de 2020

Photography by Bruna Serta

Just fantastic, surely the best and healthiest. No additives like thickeners or probiotics in capsules. Just coconut.

If you, like me, loves yogurt, this recipe is for you.

I always loved yogurt, although never liked milk very much. Nad always preferred the ones without sugar, food coloring and all that stuff.

Since when I became vegan, I'm trying to make the ideal yogurt. Some end up very similar. But none had won me up like this one.

Very pratical

Besides having probiotics, and being good for gut health, the yogurt is very pratical for eating with fruits, as well as for making sauces and cremes. It's very versatile, and everyone should try it.

The start

In the beginning of my journey for the ideal vegan yogurt, I used to make nut milks and fermented them with water kefir. I also used to ferment coconut milk directly into the kefir. But the taste wasn't so pleasing , and it ended up too "liquidy"(it should be creamy, ideally).

I even tried using agar-agar to thicken the yogurt, but it didn't look nor feel right. It was frustrating.


I was given a Skyr - an Icelandic probiotic culture. The person who gave didn't know I'm vegan(and this culture is, usually, fed with dairy milk). Since I didn´t want to throw it away, I tried feeding it with coconut milk. I found out that, it not only worked, but Skyr prefers very fatty coconut milk(the creamy one). After one month feeding it, the culture became very stable, and produced a yogurt with a texture very similar to Greek yogurt. It also tates very similarly to the traditional yogurt.

When I went to live abroad(Germany), I took with me, all my probiotic cultures, kefir, skyr, kombucha. But it became very hard to feed all of them properly. The skyr got too week and died. The skyr, more them the others, requires constant care and maintenance, or they might spoil quickly.

So, I was back in square one with vegan yogurt. Luckly, Germany had A LOT of options of industrialized vegan yogurt. We always opted for the sugar free and more natural options.

Soon after, I discovered, and started making Rejuvelac, and surely, rejuvelac yogurt. You can read more about it in this post:

The rejuvelac one was a life saver, but comming back to Brazil, I couldn't keep feeding him properly due to lack of time. So started again to test new recipes and, again, none were good, with the consistency I wanted. I tried encapsulated and sachet probiotics, tried thickening with maize starch and agar-agar(insistently), and it didn't work well.

So, as my last attempt, I tried this one. And I swear, there no adjustments left to be done. This is the best(and, as you see, I tried a few), using only coconut and coconut water.


You will need GREEN coconut pulp. You might even use a little dried coconut, but there's no need. In this recipe, I will share with you, I also use dried coconut.

Again, what you CANNOT DO, and it wont work, is using only dried coconut.

You can also use half coconut water with half kefir water. It worked for me, but kefir water is optional.

Another important thing, the fermentation MUST occur in your fridge. All my attempts outside the fridge failed, because fermentation happens too quickly, and you'll wont be able to control it properly.

Checkout the proper texture in my instagram feed. I show exactly how it needs to be.

This yogurt is just a little sour and does have a residual coconut taste, so if you hate coconut, might not like this. But that's exactly how I love yogurt, so this is perfect for me. If it is for you too, don't forget to leave a comment down below, and follow me in instagram.


Fantastic coconut yogurt

Por: Bruna Serta, 2020-02-16
Tempo de preparo: 10 minutos
Serve: 2

  • 1/2 unit dried coconut(optional)
  • 2 units green coconut pulp
  • Coconut water until reachs right texture

  1. Place the green coconut pulp and the dried coconut in the blender and add 1/4 cup of coconut water. Start to blend.
  2. If it becames too hard to blend, add little by little coconut water until it reachs a thick and creamy texture. (remember, after fermentation, it will get more consistent)
  3. You just need to strain with you use dried coconut.
  4. Store the yogurt in a steralized glass pot. Don't fill it to the top, stop 3 fingers below the top of the pot.(the yogurt will expand as it ferments). Cover it well and place at the bottom shelf of your fridge.
  5. Leave it for 5 days, and it will be ready. You may blend it with berries, eat plain or however you like.

  1. If you want to do a bigger batch, add more green coconut pulp.
  2. The quantity will vary with the size of the pulp


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